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Shedding Light on how SmartCheck can help you remain a Safe Operator

The DVSA recently posted about an incident where the police stopped a cement mixer that was in operation, despite a warning light that indicated a repair was needed immediately.

The consequences of this operators’ actions vary between causing serious potentially, even fatal injury to themselves or others, receiving a fine, financial loss from the vehicle being taken off the road and a loss in reputation for the company. Luckily in this case no one was injured and just a fine was issued but this could have ended very differently.

This situation could have been prevented if the driver had reported that the cement mixer had a fault on their daily walkaround check as DVSA have pointed out. The fault could then have had the opportunity to be repaired before escalating into a much bigger issue.

SmartCheck’s priority is making your job as easy and efficient as possible so that you can ensure maximum safety is being achieved daily.

Our app comes with a customisable checklist that can be applied to any vehicle. We pride ourselves on being easy to use even for "technophobes." After downloading our app and entering your login details, you simply tap to confirm there are no faults or double tap to report a fault. You are then given the option of adding a comment where you can input any relevant details, or capturing a photo of the fault which can save time by being self-explanatory.


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