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SmartCheck Repair

Workshop User

Say goodbye to the hassle of paper, give your mechanics or fitters workshop access to SmartCheck's online portal

Review Defects

View Maintenance Events

Record Repairs 

Car Mechanic with Tablet

What access does a Workshop user have?

View, Update & Close Defects

SmartCheck puts the information in front of the right members of your team to get the job done. Workshop users can view defects, submit an update and finally close a defect once a repair is complete. Supporting photos, documents and comments can be added for complete transparency. 

Indisputable Audit Trail 

Demonstrate your commitment to flawless compliance standards at the click of a button. Your entire audit journey automatically recorded and digitally accessible. 

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Join hundreds of satisfied HGV & Van fleets


Keep your Team in the Loop

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Need your Mechanics or fitters to have access to the maintenance planner? Set them up as standard Web users so they can see what vehicles have preventative maintenance planned in the coming weeks or months. 


SmartCheck also allows you to set up notifications to let your team know what vehicles will be due for maintenance and when. 

SmartCheck's Maintenance Planning Tool 

Check your fleet compliance from just about anywhere. Have all the information you need at a click of a button.

SmartCheck's Maintenance Planner has all the time-saving features needed to keep your fleet organised and on the road. 

Ready to get started with SmartCheck Repair?

Join hundreds of satisfied HGV & Van fleets

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