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Our SmartCheck customer base varies across many different sectors and we can personalise your SmartCheck set up to fit your specific needs

Industrial Factory
Your Industry

SmartCheck Fleet for Haulage

Our first SmartCheck product and features were all designed around the Haulage industry. 

We work closely with the DVSA as an approved IT solution to offer our customers a simple to use compliance toolkit. 

Our vehicle inspections cover all vehicles types and the checks can be customised to suit your specific fleet requirements. 

SmartCheck’s Pre-shift checks and in service defect reporting, ensures all defects that occur across your fleet are reported to a single portal, for review and follow up action.

You’ll know who has completed their report and who has not! We know that no two hauliers are identical. Include your own operational checks, at no extra cost to add further efficiencies and save money.
Courier Services

SmartCheck Fleet for Courier & Delivery Services

White Van
SmartCheck Fleet has been designed to perfectly fit the needs to vans fleets. 

Our dynamic portal allows you to specify what checks are required daily, with more comprehensive weekly checks. 

The maintenance planner allows our customers that need to book their vehicle in for servicing by milage to track this and predicts for them when the next service will be due. Our auto adjustment feature saves van fleets considerable administrative time and keep their vehicles in good working order. 
If visual inspections are important to you, this can be added to your account at no extra charge, allowing you to track any cosmetic damage to your vehicles. 
Passenger Transport

SmartCheck Fleet for Passenger Transport

Compliant & Customised Checks to suit your business operations.
SmartCheck ensures all PCV related DVSA requirements for pre-shift checks are available in one place. We can also add additional operational checks which may be important to your customers e.g. cleanliness, Wi-Fi etc. 

SmartCheck is flexible enough to provide a complete defect reporting and management solution for any combination of passenger carrying vehicle in your fleet.

If visual inspections are important to you, this can be added to your account at no extra charge, allowing you to track any cosmetic damage to your vehicles. 

Conduct your own PMIs? 

You can use SmartCheck Fleet for that too. 

We have DVSA safety inspection checks available on SmartCheck, allowing an internal garage to complete the inspection and produce a report with no paper.

Waste Management

SmartCheck Fleet for Waste Management

SmartCheck Fleet caters for all aspects of vehicle maintenance, defect management and Health & Safety when it comes to Waste Management.

SmartCheck's dynamic checklists allows our customer to complete defect reports for their vehicles, yard checks for their depots and create lift plans when delivering or collecting skips. 

Other equipment can also be added to a SmartCheck account to complete all compliance and Health & Safety checks in one place 
Separating Waste
Health & Safety

SmartCheck Auditor for Health & Safety

SmartCheck Auditor has been designed to support your Health & Safety teams keep on top of their obligations without the need for paper. 

Risk Assessments and Safety Audits are now available on SmartCheck. These documents can be specified to your needs.

Use SmartCheck Auditor to standardise and streamline your Risk Assessments. Pre determine measures and controls for risks that could appear in areas of your business allowing your team to take quick action.

Responsible for LOLER?

LOLER inspections can be carried out using SmartCheck too.


SmartCheck Fleet & Auditor for Construction

Construction Site
SmartCheck Fleet is available for all types of vehicles and plant allowing you to complete all inspections in the same place.

We provide checklists for you or you can customise these to suit your specific requirement. 

Specific checks can be set daily, weekly or monthly in line with the equipment you have and the checks you wish to complete.
SmartCheck Auditor has been designed specifically for the Construction industry allowing our customers to complete all Health & Safety Site Audits, Compliance Inspections and Risk assessments on the same platform. 
Collection & Delivery

SmartCheck Transporter for Vehicle Collection & Delivery 

Combine your Proof of Delivery Reports with your vehicle maintenance management.

SmartCheck Transporter allows our customers to complete comparison reports showing the vehicle or plant they are delivering on collection and then again on delivery proving no damage occurred during transport. Send subsequent reports directly to members of your team or straight to your own customers. 

Pair this with SmartCheck fleet to complete your own vehicle inspections, keeping all reports in one place.

Storage & Warehouse

SmartCheck Warehouse for Storage & Warehouse

SmartCheck Warehouse covers all aspects of Health & Safety and Forklift compliance.

Racking Checks are now available on SmartCheck Warehouse - complete these inspections within your own set timeframes and create reports to show any repairs that are needed.

Forklift Inspections help maintain forklifts safety and prevent accidents. SmartCheck makes this process quick and easy for your operators. 
Vehicle & Plant Hire

SmartCheck Hire for Vehicle or Plant Hire 

Use SmartCheck Hire to prepare your vehicle for hire, check-out, check-in and share documents with your customers. 

SmartCheck Hire combines condition reporting tools with compliance records to ensure your customers have everything they need while hiring from you. 

Customised rental agreements and reports can be set up with your logo and contact information. 


All SmartCheck product are available to try out Free of Charge for 2 weeks

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