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SmartCheck Repair

Defect Repair Software

Revolutionise your approach to
fleet maintenance

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Resolve Defects Quickly 

Putting the tech in the hands of the mechanic, allows them to update or close a defect on SmartCheck as soon as the repair is made.

Accurate Audit Trails

The audit trail will record the mechanic that made the update or closed the defect, along with their signature, time and date. Keep your records 100% accurate and up to date. 

Email Notifications 

Get email updates every time a defect is updated or closed to keep you in the loop. 

Live Updates

Allowing your mechanics or fitters to update defects as and when they complete repairs keeps your compliance records up-to-date as things happen.

Easily select the vehicle 

Once a vehicle has been selected, the mechanic or fitter will see all reported defects.

Sign off

The specific person completing the work adds comments, photos and can sign off the job as complete giving you an accurate and complete audit trail for every defect.

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