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Vehicle Proof of Delivery

Use SmartCheck Transporter to record accurate collection & delivery information for every vehicle

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SmartCheck Transporter

Speed up the process of sending each vehicle out on Hire 

Follow the simple steps using SmartCheck when preparing your vehicles for hire, checking out vehicles, checking in vehicles and maintaining compliance records. 

Save time & money as you improve efficiency and reduce to risk of disputes. 

Powerful Digital Evidence 

Photos, location data, time-stamping and digital signatures give both you and your customer complete peace of mind, empowering you with immutable evidence - should you need it. 

Report Example

Ease Communication with your Customers

Once your reports are completed, SmartCheck will send a copy to both you and your customer with all relevant information. 

Remove the need for extra administrative time and efforts with SmartCheck Hire. 

App Example
App Example

Drivers complete specific interior condition checks

Once the exterior of the vehicle has been reviewed for defects, drivers can be asked to inspect specific interior items and report on their condition. 

If anything is identified, drivers can add a defect to their report along with any comments and supporting photos. 

All information gathered at collection is checked again on delivery producing a comparison before & after report. 

Review the condition of each side of the vehicle 

SmartCheck shows an image of the vehicle type your driver is collecting, allowing them to view each side of the vehicle and inspect the condition. 

Add defect markers to the vehicle

If defects in the vehicles condition are found, markers can be plotted on the vehicle image to show the type of defect found and where it is on the vehicle. 


Supporting images and comments can also be added to the report at this stage.  

App Example
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Reduce Disputes

Dual-signatures at both pre and post-hire stage provide a clear agreement on the vehicle’s condition, significantly reducing disputes over potential additional payments for damage, excess mileage and any other items set out in your Terms & Conditions 

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