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SmartCheck Auditor: We’ve Got You Covered

SmartCheck Auditor Image

SmartCheck Auditor is designed to keep hard working teams safe and compliant with easy-to-use paperless forms that keep them up to date should an inspector request to see it.

Let’s say a team of hard workers have a long day ahead of them digging, before they can even start their job they must carry out a Specific Site Risk Assessment (SSRA) to ensure the site is safe, any hazards have been identified and that they have assessed these and put controls in place to mitigate the risks. This in itself can take a lot of time which is why SmartCheck is paperless and portable, so no time is wasted finding a pen or losing paperwork and reports are updated in real-time instantly.

Another great feature SmartCheck have included is the ability to have pre-set list of checks and hazard preventions so if a team work regularly on a particular site or job, they don’t waste time having to manually type in every check. Of course, the option to make changes or additional checks is available too.

The team can then easily add their names and signatures to the report and checks can be made to ensure every individual on site has the relevant and necessary qualifications. Once everything has been signed off the team are ready to work, and the report will be available to view on WebView and as a PDF.

SmartCheck also allows users to add compliance photos which can add visual context to checks and is additional evidence.

If a new operative or council inspector comes on site, reports can easily be shown to prove compliance. However when a new person does come on site initial reports become outdated, we have accounted of this by including a one-off report. New people on site can fill in their details: their name, the purpose of their visit and their signature. After they have signed, the completed report will be added to the initial report the team had completed earlier-this guarantees records are up to date, everyone is accounted for and it can all be viewed in the online portal.

When work is finished and the team have done everything they can to ensure the site is left safe they will need to complete an "Exit" SSRA. SmartCheck provides this form and once completed it will cover the team in case anything on site becomes unsafe whilst they are not there. An example would be if the wind moved an important barrier after work was completed for the day. The team will have their easy-to-show evidence to back them up in their reports so there would be no risk repercussions such as hefty fines.


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