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SmartCheck Hire

Use the SmartCheck App for Hire

Use SmartCheck to prepare your vehicles for hire, check-out, check-in and communicate with your customers

How does SmartCheck Hire work?

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Prepare for Hire 

Specify the exact checks you want to be completed before your assets go out on hire

SmartCheck Hire can be used for a wide variety of vehicle and plant and with that we know the checks needed are going to vary. 

The set up of your account is specific to you. We have standard templates you can select from or make one of your own. 

We also add your terms & conditions to all reports as well as your logo, giving all documents a professional appearance. 

Complete the vehicle inspection with your customer 

Using the SmartCheck App, you and your customer can inspect the vehicle together. 

Highlight any damage through photos and comments, adding markers to an image of the vehicle so the exact condition of the vehicle is clear. 

Once complete both you and your customer sign before submitting the report.

Follow the exact same steps when your vehicle is returned.


Vehicle Check-out & Check in 

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During Hire 

Transparent Compliance records for both you & your customer 

Use SmartCheck's Hire Portal to provide on demand vehicle and compliance documents for your customers. 

MOT Certificates, Safety Inspection details, Vehicle Log book & any other documents you would like to give your customer access to can be uploaded to their own Portal. 

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Use your online customer portal to keep track of vehicle records & digital rental agreements

The Customer Portal makes all digital documents available at a click of a button.

You can set up your customers, hire agreements and upload accompanying documents. 

Your customer can be sent an invite to access any agreement or compliance documents in their own personal profile. 

Customer Portal 

Shaking Hands

Reduce Disputes

Dual-signatures at both pre and post-hire stage provide a clear agreement on the vehicle’s condition, significantly reducing disputes over potential additional payments for damage, excess mileage and any other items set out in your Terms & Conditions 

Delivering Vehicles to your Customers?

Keep track of the condition of your vehicles during transit with SmartCheck Transporter - keeping your all your reports in one place.

Ready to Streamline your processes?

Use SmartCheck Hire for a seamless Hire experience

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