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Use SmartCheck Hire to create side by side comparison reports

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SmartCheck Hire

Speed up the process of sending your vehicle out on Hire 

Follow the simple steps using SmartCheck when preparing your vehicles for hire, checking out vehicles, checking in vehicles and maintaining compliance records. 

Save time & money as you improve efficiency and reduce the risk of disputes. 

Powerful Digital Evidence 

Photos, location data, time-stamping and digital signatures give both you and your customer complete peace of mind, empowering you with immutable evidence - should you need it. 

Ease Communication with your Customers

Once your reports are completed, SmartCheck will send a copy to both you and your customer with all relevant check out information. 

Remove the need for extra administrative time and efforts with SmartCheck Hire. 

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Range of Reports

Use SmartCheck to create a wide range of reports from preparing your vehicle for hire with our Rental Ready checklist or complete tyre checks. 

Checking In/Out

SmartCheck prompts you to complete all the checks needed on your vehicle when checking it out on hire and the same again when checking in. Nothing is missed & your reports are 100% accurate.


Add your own terms and conditions to your reports creating a rental agreement for your customer to sign removing the need for paper at every stage.

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Ready to get started with SmartCheck Fleet?

Join hundreds of satisfied HGV & Van fleets

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