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Plant & Equipment Checks

Plant Pre-use checks, Machinery or Equipment Safety
Checks - SmartCheck can cover it all

Plant Pre-use Checks

Machinery Checks

Equipment Safety Checks

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Seamless Inspections & Instant Reports

SmartCheck's user-friendly app encourages your team to conduct pre-shift checks effortlessly. With just a few taps, your operators can complete comprehensive inspections for equipment, identifying defects and potential issues. 

Inspections are compiled into detailed reports and then swiftly sent to our secure portal. Your team can access the information they need in real-time, facilitating faster decision-making.

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Customised Checklists

 From motorised plant, static plant, tools and equipment, there are so many variations in spec and features. Paper-based checks have to adopt a "one size fits all" pre-use form, with many of the checks being "Not Applicable".


SmartCheck solves this by only asking the operative to check relevant items. This means every check is valid and time is saved, for each event. Make it easy and accurate and operatives will use it!

Why use SmartCheck for Plant Checks? 

Save Time

SmartCheck gives your operators the specific checks needed for the equipment they are using. No need to search through paperwork and no room for error. Save untold hours of management and administration time by implementing plant pre-use checks.

Compliance made Simple


 Implement SmartCheck and put the onus on the operative, with clear guidelines and instantly returned pre-use reports, including any defects identified, which can then be addressed immediately.

Want to inspect Plant or Equipment post use?

No problem... our checklists come in three modes, Pre-Use, In-Use and Post-Use, to ensure effective and accurate reporting 

SmartCheck Favourites

SmartCheck is used by a variety of sectors, assisting our vast customer base achieve compliance assurance. 

Moffets, Forklifts and Excavators are amongst our most popular assets on SmartCheck. You can use one of our templates for your checks or we can customise them to suit you.


You can be assured of suitable pre-use safety checks, whichever type of plant or equipment you use.


Unlimited App Users with all SmartCheck Subscriptions 

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