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Warehouse Storage Safety & FLT Checks 

Bay by Bay Defect Checks

Step Through Upright, Bracing & Beam Checks

On-Demand Inspection Reports

Warehouse Workers in Hardhats

How to complete inspections in your Warehouse using SmartCheck 

Defect Checks 

Inspect each bay in turn, twisted, damaged or missing? Report it!
Fixings, footplates, brackets or signage damaged?
Report it!

Then manage those defect through to repair or rectification, the the SmartCheck online portal. 

Step by Step Guide 

Allow SmartCheck to lead the way, offering all checks and insisting all are completed, regardless of how many levels of storage you have. No bay is missed, so you can be assured that all racking has been inspected. 

Warehouse Racking Report Example

Reports on Demand

If a warehouse incident occurs, you may need to review racking checks from a few months ago. All planned inspections, with status will be available in the Online portal maintenance planner for review, including date, time, inspector, check results and details such as photos of identified issues. 

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