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Safety in the Workplace & Much more

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How SmartCheck can help 

SmartCheck provides a completely paperless solution, allowing you to add all your Health & Safety responsibilities to your SmartCheck account. 


Using SmartCheck Fleet Compliance, Plant & Equipment or Hire? Why not add SmartCheck Auditor to your account & keep track of all processes in one place. 

Risk Assessments

Access your own range of Risk Assessments on the SmartCheck App.

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Site Audits

Construction site or yard checks. Make sure you are compliant.


Meet Lifting Gear maintenance compliance with SmartCheck.

Lift Plans

Record Lift Plan risk assessment and payload delivery details.


Warehouse Safety

Let SmartCheck help you maintain safety standards for Storage

Risk Assessments

Every site, regardless of its purpose, has numerous areas of risk and these need to be assessed regularly, to minimise the risk to all as well as keeping within Health & Safety guidelines and legislation. SmartCheck replaces the pen & paper, with dynamic risk assessments aligned to your own preferred practices and policies. 

Reduce Risk & Remove Paper.

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Use SmartCheck for LOLER Inspections

This key periodic inspection for all Lifting Gear is core to maintenance compliance. Perform your own thorough LOLER and produce your own asset specific LOLER certificates. 

Plan LOLER Inspections for your Equipment or Machinery 

Complete a preliminary inspection & report defects if needed

Complete your LOLER Inspection & Generate a certification document 

Outsource LOLER, why not carry out your own pre-inspection LOLER with SmartCheck?

Carrying out LOLER Inspections for other companies? We can set you up with a SmartCheck account for this, allowing you to complete professional reports for your clients without the need for Paper. 

Planning & Organising Lifting Operations  

Payload deliveries to site, are fraught with risk. Overhead cables, obstructions, payload security, vehicle stability, etc. all come into play.

SmartCheck provides robust checks, leaving you with a documented lift plan.

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Drop Report

Graphical drop reports available for your Site Operatives

Risk Assessment 

Customer Specific Risk Assessment and weight and radius calculation support

Shared Document 

Your lifting plan outcome can be recorded on site and if need be, signed off and shared with your customer, in a stylish PDF report

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Site Audits

Well-defined Health & Safety policy, best practice guidelines, good training and applied risk assessments, go a long way to meeting safety at work compliance targets. There is only one way to ensure these are being adhered to and also satisfying your customers - that is a regular audit.

SmartCheck's Site Audit feature supports complete construction or yard site audits, with site specific checks, photographic evidence and on-demand, professionally formatted reports for your benefit and to share with your customers. 

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Use SmartCheck Auditor for Site Audits

SmartCheck Auditor allows those working on construction sites to complete their site safety audits and risk assessments using SmartCheck.

Reports all get sent back to your online portal, as well as remaining available on your Smart phone, should you need to share it with a visitor. 

Warehouse Safety

Secure Storage is a key part of safety at work legislation, for those with storage facilities. SmartCheck will guide your inspectors through a complete racking inspection process

Make Compliance Easy with SmartCheck 

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