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SmartCheck Repair

Defect Repair Software

Revolutionise your approach to
fleet maintenance

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How SmartCheck Repair Makes Fleet Maintenance Simple

Effortlessly manage defects in your fleet and achieve total compliance by putting the SmartCheck Repair app in the hands of your mechanics. Our all-in-one defect management system simplifies fleet maintenance for you and your team:


Introduce consistency across your business by introducing SmartCheck Repair to your in-house mechanics 

Keep Track of Vehicle Defects & Maintenance

SmartCheck Repair allows you to monitor & track vehicle defect repairs and maintenance needs, keeping you on top of defect records

Rectify defects faster

With SmartCheck Repair, you can easily find defects and record repairs, saving you time and reducing errors

How it Works

Have all the information you need at your fingertips

The Mechanic

Available on Android and Apple Devices, our simple to use SmartCheck Repair app works in conjunction with SmartCheck Fleet Compliance, allowing faster defect action

Once a defect is reported in SmartCheck, Mechanics have access to view the details

Report repairs including comments and photos 

Defects are resolved and relevant data updated on The Portal

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Portal users get notified when repairs have been made

All defects & repairs reported to the portal, keeping all compliance information in one place

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