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Incident Reporting

Capture important information & photos at the incident on your phone 

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Capture Details & Photos at the Scene

SmartCheck's incident reporting enables the capture of critical, insurance claim related information and photos. Drivers can access immediate help with real time reporting at the scene.

The incident reporting feature in SmartCheck is simple to use and accessible to all SmartCheck App users. Prompted for all the necessary incident/accident data, the resultant report can begin the claim process immediately.

  • Report incidents from a Smart phone 

  • Capture images of the scene, vehicles and injuries 

  • Prompt your drivers for the exact information you want them to record

  • All reports are date and time stamped 

  • Professional reports that are secure 

  • Start you incident management process within minutes of the incident occurring with live reporting 

  • Assign vehicle repairs to your service provider 

  • Decide who gets notified with an incident occurs 

  • Complete access to historical data in case of claim disputes 

SmartCheck allows you to show complete transparency when an incident happens by taking photos at the scene.

This can include detail view of:


  • All 4 sides of the vehicle

  • Any injuries

  • The environment where the incident took place


Once the report is complete, add relevant documents to support any claims.

Use SmartCheck to send your service provider the report so they can quote for repairs and get the vehicle back on the road as soon as possible. 

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All included in a Standard SmartCheck Subscription 

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