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The SmartCheck App 

Use the SmartCheck App for daily walkaround checks, incident reporting, risk assessments & much more

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SmartCheck Fleet


Simple App Design & Easy to Use

SmartCheck is designed to be used by your drivers. The app's screens are designed to be clear and simple to use, an approach that is recognised as a winner across our expansive customer base.

No Signal? No Problem!

SmartCheck is designed to work off-line, as an internet signal cannot always be guaranteed. This is a must for our more remote customers. Completed reports are held on the device until a signal becomes available again.

Safe & Secure Reporting

Each Driver has secure access to the SmartCheck app with passcode/pin protection.

All reports are returned by SmartCheck using secure internet communications. Once received to your WebView account, your data is held securely for regulatory timeframes, with access only possible to those with the correct login rights.

GPS Location Stamping 

Want to know where daily walk around checks are being completed? All driver events are "location stamped". Any defect or incident reported can then be traced to the location it occurred.

Photo Capture

A picture tells a thousand words! It also saves hours of diagnosis and often prevents the need to send roadside assistance. Your drivers can add date/time stamped photos, so that you can immediately review a defect and action it accordingly.

Flexibility to suit you

We know that no two operations are the same, so we set up your SmartCheck account to best suit your business needs. From rearranging the app screen layout, to adding bespoke operational reports.  We'll do our best to make SmartCheck work the way you do. 

Nothing is out of the question for our highly skilled tech team.

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Tap to tick or double tap to report an issue

The process mimics paper, so a simple "tap to tick" to confirm a check as passed and a "double tap" to report an issue.


It's that simple - why overcomplicate it.

Not just for Drivers

SmartCheck's origins are in fleet maintenance but over the years SmartCheck has been extended in all directions, to meet the demands of our growing customer base.  


Not a driver?  Not a problem!  We have solutions for Supervisors, Mechanics, Plant Operatives and Auditors,  carrying out regulatory, safety and risk assessment inspections, for all manner of assets. 

Ready to get started with SmartCheck Fleet?

Join hundreds of satisfied HGV & Van fleets

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