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SmartCheck Hire

Enhanced Handover &
Customer Access

Enhance your customers hire experience, giving them access to the documents they need on demand

Customer Online Portal

Historic Vehicle Markers

Vehicle Defect Records

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What are the benefits of the Online Hire Portal?

Customer Management

Customers and Hire Agreements can be set up with options to upload documents relating to the hire such as contracts. 

Document Management 

View Check-Out and Check-In reports, email them to customers and view all documents relating to the customer and vehicle on hire. 

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Join hundreds of satisfied HGV & Van fleets

Seamless Vehicle Handover for you & your Customers

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Known Vehicle Defects already plotted 

SmartCheck stores all known data about each of your vehicles, including historic reported defects that have or haven't been resolved. 

If defects haven't been resolved since the vehicle was last out on hire, the markers will already be in place when checking out the vehicle saving time for both your team and customers. 

Updated or Resolved Defects removed from future reports

SmartCheck's online portal allows you to update or record resolution action taken for defects. This will then remove the marker from future reports and record the activity on an audit trail, should you need to view it in the future. 

Vehicle Compliance & Hire information in the same place

SmartCheck's online portal combines all reports in one place. 

Find Check-in, Check-out reports available to review along with all other defect history and vehicle maintenance records. 

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Join hundreds of satisfied HGV & Van fleets

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