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SmartFix: A SmartCheck Repair Solution

If you don’t already know, SmartCheck has the perfect app for mechanics who carry out repairs for customers who use SmartCheck.

SmartFix is a great solution for both mobile mechanics who repair assets off site at another depot or roadside and in-house or contracted mechanics who repair on demand or groups of local vehicles


The app is designed to help “close the loop” between reported defects on the SmartCheck app and repaired defects on the SmartFix app.

After a defect has been reported, mechanics can either view all defects, or to save time search for a specific asset and then review the associated defects. After their work has been completed, they can simply sign off with their signature and the defect information will be instantly added to the online portal, updating the defect’s status and PDF.

To make the process even more efficient, email notifications can also be sent out to SmartFix users so they can start ordering parts or heading to the location of the vehicle defect as soon as possible without wasting unnecessary time and effort.

All relevant details for any defects can be easily found including when it was reported, by who, any comments and any photos. It will also display defect updates that have been added prior to the repair event.  


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