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How SmartCheck is Helping HGV Fleets with Compliance

Fleet managers are tasked with ensuring their HGVs comply with the rules and regulations required to maintain an operator’s licence. This process can be lengthy and hard work but is absolutely crucial to maintaining drivers and road users’ safety.


IT solutions provide an efficient way to keep track of safety checks and automate processes making life easier for fleet managers. Waiting for paperwork and phone calls is a obstacle and technology allows essential information to be available at the click of a mouse or tap of a screen.


SmartCheck was created by our dedicated tech team as just the solution for stressed fleet managers looking to streamline their business and save important time. Having everything in an app means information can be shared in real-time, checks can be completed competently, and records can all be maintained in one place.


The SmartCheck app can be used for daily walkaround checks, incident reporting, risk assessments and much more. The design of the app is simple and easy to use. It can be used even when there is no internet signal available, so it doesn’t prevent you from doing critical checks. Completed reports are simply held on the device until a signal becomes available again.


Our app also enables you to take photos which can save so much time in writing and  explaining issues. It also saves hours of diagnosis and often prevents the need to send roadside assistance. Your drivers can add photos, so that you can immediately review a defect and action it accordingly.


SmartCheck’s app even features ‘GPS Location Stamping’ which keeps track of where daily walk around checks are being completed so you have accurate records, this also means any defect or incident reported can then be traced to the location it occurred.


All reports are safely and securely stored. Each driver has secure access to the SmartCheck app with passcode/pin protection. All reports are returned by SmartCheck using secure internet communications. Once received to your WebView account, your data is held securely for regulatory timeframes, with access only possible to those with the correct login rights.


You can use the ‘WebView Portal’ to check fleet compliance from just about anywhere. One of the greatest benefits of moving away from paper, is that you no longer have to go searching for reports. As the fleet operator you have full control: you can set up your team a specific access level to suit their role. For example: Transport managers can have access to everything, while your mechanics just see the defects they need to work on. Everyone has the right level of access and can make appropriate updates. 


As a fleet operator you can make simple changes without having to get in touch with us. You can add/remove a driver, add/remove a portal user, add/remove an asset, set up a new Planner Task or Event, add recipients for email alerts, etc.

 As SmartCheck wants to make fleet operators lives as easy as possible, we are also completely flexible to suit any of your business needs. Our amazing tech team can rearrange the app screen layout, add bespoke operational reports and overall do their very best to make SmartCheck work the way you need it to.


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