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How to Achieve DVSA Fleet Maintenance Compliance

DVSA and Traffic Commissioner set out strict roadworthiness guidelines for HGV fleets and many van fleets that operate abroad. Failure to adhere to these often lead to hefty penalties and even withdrawal of O’ Licences.

DVSA expectation for roadworthiness is well documented and accessible here and they provided us with their Top Five Tips for compliance, which you can read here.

At SmartCheck we take the headache out of meeting these expectations and all without paper. SmartCheck customers are also able to provide exactly what DVSA Auditors need to see, all in one place and on demand.

If you are looking to meet the very best level of Fleet Maintenance Compliance then you should check out the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme. SmartCheck is ready to help you meet that standard.

What is the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme?

The DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme is a way to demonstrate that you meet the highest driver and vehicle standards, by sharing performance information with the DVSA. Benefits you’ll receive by being part of the scheme:

  • Proof you’re a creditable operator when you bid for contracts.

  • Use of the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme marque. (Click here for information about marque).

  • Recognised on the official government website.

  • Your vehicle being less likely to be stopped at the roadside or having DVSA visit your premises.

  • Direct access to the DVSA Earned Recognition business team.

Click here for a handy video explanation.

How to become part of the scheme:

  • Complete an application form.

  • DVSA will carry out an application review requesting your last 3 months tachograph and maintenance data.

  • An audit will be carried out by an authorised audit provider.

  • DVSA will advise whether you have attained Earned Recognition Status.

  • If Earned Recognition standards are met, the operator will be granted accreditation into the scheme, receive a unique identification number and be awarded the use of official marque and will be published on GOV.UK

Using SmartCheck to Achieve DVSA Compliance

SmartCheck is a fully approved IT solution for the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme, and we can help you to ensure standards are being met and that you are operating a fully compliant fleet.

Areas we can help you focus on include:

  • Vehicle & Trailer defect management.

  • Maintenance & repair record keeping.

  • Improved safety and lowered risks.

  • Fleet maintenance KPIs to meet DVSA demands.

  • Electronic Maintenance Planner.

  • Single place for all maintenance data, on demand.

To see for yourself how we can help you be compliant, click here to request a free trial.


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