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How SmartCheck Can Keep You Safe and Compliant

SmartCheck have been investigating case studies where the DVSA found unsafe vehicles on the road, and we had a look at how we could have helped prevent these incidents.

Recently the DVSA posted this:

Just some of the points that stood out to us were:

· The rear axle being 124% overloaded and lorry being 94% overloaded.

· A tyre cut to the cord.

· Damaged seatbelt.

Every time safety checks are ignored, and an unsafe vehicle is driven, lives are at risk. With this particular example the DVSA issued a prohibition, and the vehicle will need to pass a MOT before it can be driven on the road again.

Our SmartCheck app is designed to ensure situations like this do not occur. Our app aims to make your life easier so you can complete daily checks quickly and efficiently whilst ensuring you vehicle is fit for the road with our extensive list of checks. SmartCheck makes it easy to report any defects, incidents or issues with our double tap feature and you can even add comments or photos.

This is a screenshot from our app showing just some of the checks drivers can make. Checks can even be customised to suit your needs.

Based on the DVSA case study the driver would have double clicked “Tyres/ wheel and wheel fixing” (as indicated by the green arrow) to report a fault. They then would be able to take a photo and add a comment, as shown below:

If you forget or miss any checks a pop-up reminder will show to ensure you fill this in before signing to agree you have filled out the report accurately.

Get in touch with SmartCheck today if you want to ensure your completing your daily checks to the highest standard and don’t want to be caught out by the DVSA.


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