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Why Making the Switch from Paper Vehicle Inspection Sheets to Digital just Makes Sense

Are you looking to switch from completing your vehicle inspection sheets on paper to digital but your current way of doing things is okay, so you’re wondering is it really worth it? Read on to find out why it is worth the change…

We’ve all heard about climate change, think about all the paper you use to fill out your checks, daily, weekly, monthly, it soon adds up and all those trees that are being cut down for such use. Switching your checks from paper to digital can help you do your bit!

Tiring, isn’t it? Losing paperwork, finding paperwork, filling it in, misplacing it again, sending it off to head office and then those sheets with coffee spills or torn edges. Switching to digital keeps everything in one place, making life a whole lot easier.

If you wanted to talk to a friend, would you send them a quick text or would you write them a letter, buy a stamp and send it through the post? Your time is valuable so make the most of it.

Now if you’ve read all this and you’re sitting there thinking “well this all sounds great how do I get started?” Don’t worry, it couldn’t be easier. SmartCheck is our fantastic tech solution for paperless fleet compliance, and we are completely customisable to fit the needs of your business. All you have to do is get in touch with us via our email or phone number.

If you’re still not completely sure we even offer a free trial which we can get you set up within 24 hours by simply filling in the form:

Email us: or Phone us: +44(0)1952 460928


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