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Road Safety and Mobile Phone Usage

We trust that drivers are well aware of the risks of using mobile phones whilst driving, however, we think it’s vital to remind you all that is a legal offence and can cause serious road accidents that claim the lives of innocent people.

Important statistics* to be aware of:

  • 1.6 million crashes happen every year because of someone using a phone while driving.

  • About 14% of all fatal crashes involve some sort of mobile phone use.

  • You are 24 times more likely to crash your car if you start texting while you’re driving.

A report from the Department of Transport** revealed that of the people asked:

  • 12% of people feel they need to see notifications or calls come through on their phone while driving so they can respond fast.

  • 12% agreed they need to use their mobile phone while commuting or making long journeys to fill the time.

  • 14% of people think using their phones while driving/riding does not distract them.

If you are experiencing problems with mobile phone usage on the road, FORS recommend their Smart Driving eLearning module or Managing Work Related Road Risk workshop.


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