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Over 3/4 of Vehicles Stopped During Road Safety Checks Found to be Dangerous

It’s not uncommon for the DVSA to be involved in schemes to ensure vehicles on the road are adhering to safety standards. Below we talk about a recent find from the DVSA to remind you of the importance of safety checks and vehicles standards.


Just this year, a Northumbrian police operation worked in partnership with the DVSA and Immigration Enforcement to focus on the safety of commercial vehicles. They found that over 75% of vehicles checked had dangerous and potentially life-threatening issues.


Of 70 lorries and HGVs that were stopped by police, 54 were found to be unsafe: having illegal weight loads or vehicle defects. Issues that can be easily avoided by completing routine daily checks and organising defect fixes efficiently.


Other issues found in the study included: One HGV having a faulty tyre with a large hole in the centre of the tread, a lorry more than two-and-a-half tonnes over its legal weight and three uninsured drivers.


SmartCheck is our easy-to-use solution for vehicle checks. The app has fully customisable checklists so you’ll never forget to complete a check again, you can simply tap to register the check or double tap to report any defects. You can even add photos, a feature that is helpful when a fault is hard to describe, it also saves hours of diagnosis and often prevents the need to send roadside assistance. SmartCheck also includes GPS location stamping making it easy to see where daily walk around checks are being completed. All without the need for paper!


We also have a great solution for rectifying defects quickly: SmartFix. The app is designed for mechanics, once a defect is reported through SmartCheck mechanics have access to view the details directly through SmartFix, resulting in defects being resolved efficiently and therefore saving time and money.


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