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Know the Zones: New Safety Campaign Aims to Increase Awareness of HGV Blind Spots

A new campaign released by National Highways and supported by the Road Haulage Association aims to increase road safety by making drivers more aware of HGV Blind Spots.

National Highways recently found that 36% of people surveyed said they did not know how many blind spots a HGV had and another 36% of people admitted that they feel nervous when passing a HGV.

The campaign will bring new light to HGV "zones" of limited visibility and will be aired on radio, featured on TV on demand, online video, social media, billboards and posters.

You can view the campaign video by clicking the link here:

We have summarised Head of Road safety, Jeremy Phillips advice for drivers in regards to HGVs, below:

  1. Avoid tailgating.

  2. When overtaking a HGV, do so quickly and safely.

  3. Know the 4 zones: Front, back and both sides.

  4. Don’t linger next to a HGV.

You can find out more on the National Highways website



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