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4 Tips to Help your Drivers Reduce Fleet Fuel Costs

1. Optimise Routes

A great option to plan your journeys is using Smartphone maps such as Google Maps. This can be an easy and efficient way to check routes. If you combine route planning with avoiding travelling at busy times you can avoid traffic congestion and long queues.

2. Driver Training

Monitor your driver’s behaviour in terms of speed, braking and idling. You can then re-train in areas that need improvement which will ensure effectiveness. This can deliver a significant benefit in terms of fuel cost savings across the fleet.

3. Reduce the Load

Choose cargo more wisely and make better decisions about the models that make up your fleet. Both of these techniques can significantly decrease the weight of vehicles resulting in less fuel consumption.

4. Monitoring Tyre Pressure

Ensure tyre pressure is checked regularly. Make sure all vehicles in your fleet carry a tyre pressure gauge, so drivers can easily check themselves at rest stops on long journeys.

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