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The Webview Portal 

Check your fleet compliance from just about anywhere. Have all the information you need at a click of a button. 

Remote Working
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One of the greatest benefits of moving away from paper, is that you no longer have to go searching for reports. We keep everything in one place, so if you need a report its there, on demand.  If you want to track the history of a defect, you can; on demand. 

Set up your team a specific access level to suit their role. Transport managers can have access to everything, while your mechanics just see the defects they need to work on. Everyone has the right level of access and can make appropriate updates. 

Use your browser to login to your unique portal account to view live data, with supporting images, and make quick decisions to keep everyone moving.

No need to come to us for simple changes: add/remove a driver, add/remove a portal user, add/remove an asset, set up a new Planner Task or Event, add recipients for email alerts, etc. We put the control in your hands so you can manage your own account as and when you choose but if you need help, we're only a phone call away. 

Manage your Fleet from Anywhere 

Reports on Demand 

Get your Team involved

Take Control 

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Keeping it Simple 

All you need to "close the loop" for a reported defect with transparent audit trail, should your records need to be examined and much more besides.  That doesn't mean you have to be overwhelmed with options or confused with busy screens, though.  We've made it simple by asking our customers what they wish to achieve and how they wish to achieve it.  

SmartCheck provides a completely paperless process from reporting a defect, requesting a repair and storing and relevant documents.

Use Webview to manage a defect from start to end, with no need for any other software.

To find out how it works for yourself get in touch to

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Complete Audit Trail 

As you "close the loop" for your reported defects, a record of every change is retained for a complete audit trail.


Every defect has its own Audit Trail, from the moment it was reported to the moment it was resolved. And every PDF report includes rectification details of any defects it contains.


This gives you a clear and transparent way to prove to DVSA and FORS that you are compliant in carrying out your vehicle maintenance reports and appropriately actioning reported issues.

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Connect with your Service Providers

Your service provider receives all the information they need to give you an accurate quotation and timeframe for repair. 

SmartCheck's Webview eliminates the need to write out explanations of defects to your service provider when you're looking for quotes or to book repairs. The portal allows you to select your service provider, add a comment and add the relevant photos from your defect report. Your service provider gets all the information they need to give you accurate quote and timeframes for repairs. 

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DVSA & FORS Compliance 

Planning on joining DVSA's Earned Recognition Scheme? SmartCheck is a fully approved IT solution for the scheme's fleet maintenance record keeping. Click here to find out more about the earned recognition scheme.

As an Associate Member, SmartCheck work closely with FORS to ensure we remain aware of new safety initiatives and their expectations of fleet operators. Call us if you want to harness the power of SmartCheck to help meet your FORS requirements.


Make Compliance Easy with SmartCheck 

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