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Tips for driving in snow & ice

Following on from January snow and temperatures as low as -15c we have compiled some top tips for driving safely in such conditions.

Damian Maginn, car expert and director of Wessex Vans advised vehicles to be prepared, this includes changing standard tyres to traction-enhancing tyres to ensure more grip on the road, checking vehicle fluid levels and confirming windscreen wipers and defrosters are working efficiently.

Another top tip of Damian’s is to simply drive carefully, driving slowly and smoothly to decrease the chances of sliding or losing control. Also increasing your distance to vehicles ahead will allow more time for you to stop therefore lessening the chances of collisions and accidents.

Good visibility is also vital to driving safely, having your lights on- even during the day,  and allowing time to clear all snow and ice from all windows, mirrors, and lights can help you to make clearer observations and better decisions.

According to driving experts at Lotus Car Rental: The most important thing to do if driving on black ice is to be calm. Remaining calm helps you to keep control and allows you to make careful decisions to keep away from danger.

Always change to a lower gear to stabilise your vehicle when driving in snow or ice and gradually apply brakes to regain control rather than slamming them on which is often a panicked move that worsens the situation.


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