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Government Plans to Spend £8.3 billion on Potholes

The government have announced their plan to spend £8.3 billion over the next 11 years to fill potholes. The measure is part of the government’s Network North plan, with money redirected from HS2 instead going to resurface more than 5,000 miles* of road across the country, improving journeys and road safety for all.

This financial year each local authority in England will receive £150 million. Each local authority can use their share of money to identify which local roads are in most need of repair and deliver improvements for communities and residents as soon as possible.

According to the RAC: Well-maintained Road surfaces could save up to £440 for individual drivers for expensive vehicle repairs from pothole damage, helping road users to save money. On average damage from potholes cost £575.74 for HGV’s per incident.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper said: “Our £8.3 billion boost to repair roads across the country shows that we’re on the side of drivers.

“Today’s biggest ever funding uplift for local road improvements is a victory for all road users, who will enjoy smoother, faster and safer trips - as we use redirected HS2 funding to make the right long-term decisions for a brighter future.”

To guarantee the £8.3 billion leads to an increase in the number of roads being resurfaced, it has been made necessary that local authorities publish information on their websites on a regular basis explaining how they are spending the funding in their area.

*The £8.3 billion funding is equivalent to resurfacing 5,157 miles of road. This is based on sector data suggesting an approximate cost of £1 million to resurface 1km of road. £8.3 billion would, therefore, allow 8,300km or 5,157 miles of road to be resurfaced.






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