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What’s all the FORS about?

What is FORS?

FORS stands for Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme and is a national accreditation scheme that evaluates fleet performance. The scheme aims to increase practice standards within the transport sector in areas such as fuel efficiency and road safety.

FORS participation is voluntary and open to commercial fleet operators and businesses awarding contracts to them.

What are the benefits of FORS for fleet operators?

·       Help improve efficiency

·       Reduce fuel consumption

·       Improve road safety

·       Enhance standards

·       Reduce costs for fleet operators

·       Customers may prefer a FORS member as they are assured of a certain standard of safety.

·       FORS will offer customers a list of accredited operators to contact.


What are the benefits of FORS for drivers?

·       FORS-approved training courses can help drivers maintain and improve their driving standards.

·       Help expand their overall knowledge base.

·       Help to boost their productivity and reduce the risk of incurring fines in the event of accidents and safety breaches.

What is FORS Bronze, Silver and Gold and how do you achieve FORS accreditation?

There are three levels of FORS accreditation: bronze, silver, and gold.

·       The first step is to apply for FORS bronze, to do this simply sign up on the FORS website and register. After your registration has been confirmed, an audit will begin within the next 90 days to flag up any issues. FORS notifies you of these issues to give you a chance to rectify these issues before a second audit begins to confirm whether you have obtained bronze accreditation.

·       You can then move on to silver accreditation, to do so you must meet the CLOCS Standard for Construction Logistics and be compliant with Transport for London’s Work-Related Road Risk standard.


·       After receiving Silver, you can apply for Gold accreditation, to obtain this status fleets must promote FORS standards throughout their work whilst demonstrating marked improvement over the FORS Silver standard.


Click here for a useful video to explain FORS:


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