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Are you keeping your Forklift Compliant?

All compliance and safety checks help to prevent accidents and injuries but with forklifts in particular these accidents and injuries can be fatal. The British Safety Council highlighted this point when they found that there are 5 accidents at work every day involving forklifts that lead to hospital treatment.

Here’s a breakdown of ways to ensure you’re following forklift regulations:

·       Operators must be at least 18 years old to operate a forklift.

·       If the forklift is being driven on public roads, operators must hold a full UK driving licence.

·       Operators need relevant training carried out by an accredited trainer.

·       Training should take place in a safe area away from real work in operation.

·      Operators should be taught the function of all controls and how to move the forklift safely.

·       Training can then move to real work areas where operators should then learn how to use the forklift for their specific work.

·       When the trainer is happy that the operator can control the forklift safely operators can then work unsupervised.

·       Regular maintenance and inspections should take place including the reporting of accidents to ensure safety. A system should be in place where yourself and other forklift operators can report faults and issues so that appropriate action such as equipment needing replaced or repaired can be completed and kept track of.

·       Lifting equipment, of all forms, is subject to periodic LOLER 1998 Safety Inspections.


This is where SmartCheck can be of help. Our origins are in fleet maintenance, but we are completely customisable to your needs at no extra cost. Our app allows the completion of regulatory, safety checks and risk assessment inspections including LOLER checks to ensure vehicles are fit for the road and are staying compliant. We make your job less stressful whilst ensuring you’re keeping yourself safe and all from your smartphone. If you’d like to request a free trial or find out more, please either fill in the form:

Or get in touch with us via email or phone call:

Email: or Phone: +44(0)1952 460928


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