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SmartCheck can help you monitor safety in the workplace

The crane ( HIAB ) extend its lift bucket to roof of the new building for isolation in the

How SmartCheck can help 

 Auditors can carry out comprehensive Risk Assessments, without paper. Complete a report and it's available for distribution immediately, even if you're off site

Put the onus on the Operative! Operational with local Risk Assessments prior to work even starting

Lift Plans, PUWER, Site Audits, First Aid Stations, if you need to inspect it use SmartCheck. Not just checks of course, add a date, time, name, GPS location, comments, photos and even follow up action.

On site reports can also be signed off by a supervisor or even your client. Then produce professionally formatted reports, fit for sharing with your clients

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Lift Plan 

Payload deliveries to site, are fraught with risk. Overhead cables, obstructions, payload security, vehicle stability, etc. all come into play.

SmartCheck provides robust checks, giving you with a documented lift plan.

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments are fundamental to Safety at Work and Duty of Care. SmartCheck allows you to apply these checks, where they are needed, whatever the content.

Our talented tech team are able to customise your account to suit your needs. Contact us to find out more.

Carbine and Rope
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PUWER Inspections

Safety at Work, when using plant and equipment is regulated, via the PUWER check process.

SmartCheck delivers paperless Daily or Weekly Safety Inspections, with reports accessible on demand.


Lifting equipment, of all forms, is subject to periodic LOLER 1998 Safety Inspections.

You can now perform your LOLER checks using SmartCheck and make related PDFs available on demand or export them to a 3rd Party Health & Safety System.

Crane lifting on construction site

Make Compliance Easy with SmartCheck